our menu

The Allgäu is known for its native art of cooking. We serve our specialties made with fresh, seasonal ingredients from the region.

Enjoy our delicacies served either in the traditional, a modern or a creative way.

Should you have a food intolerance we will certainly respond to your individual needs and will serve our menu gluten and lactose free.

Take a look at our menu:


  • Pancake soup
  • Sausage-meat spaetzle soup
  • Liver-spaetzle soup
  • Potato cream soup


  • Obazter finely garnished
  • Lard bread with chives


  • Small mixed salad
  • Large mixed salad
  • Salad plate with ham and egg
  • Salad plate with turkey slices
  • Salad plate with shrimps


  • Roast pork with bread dumpling
  • Roast pork with cream sauce and homemade spaetzle and cranberries
  • Allgäuer roast pork (bacon-cheese filling) with spaetzle
  • Portion of pork knuckle with bread dumpling
  • Swiss slices with homemade Spätzle

Delights from the Grill

  • Wiesbauer pot: Fillet of pork and beef, spaetzle, mushroom cream sauce
  • Grill dish: fillet of pork and beef, with mushrooms, sauce, French fries
  • Onion roast with French fries
  • Pepper steak of Entrecote with French fries
  • Pepper steak of beef fillet with French fries
  • Thin steak from the entrecote with Rucola salad & Parmesan shavings
  • Entrecote “Cafe de Paris” with French fries

Schnitzel corner

  • Breaded schnitzel of pork with French fries
  • Jägerschnitzel with pasta
  • Zigeunerschnitzel with buttered rice
  • Schnitzel with cream sauce and pasta with cranberries
  • Almschnitzel: Pork schnitzel with mushrooms and baked cheese topping, sauce and pasta
  • Turkey steak in cream sauce with buttered rice


  • potato and vegetable gratin
  • Cheese spaetzle with green salad
  • Kaiserschmarren with applesauce
  • Cauliflower medallions with salad
  • Baked camembert with salad and toast


  • Trout or char blue with salt potatoes and creamed horse radish
  • Trout or char “Müllerin” with salt potatoes and creamed horse radish


  • Breaded schnitzel (of pork) with French fries
  • Roast pork with bread dumpling
  • Allgäu roast pork (bacon-cheese filling) with spaetzle
  • Wiener sausage with French fries
  • Turkey steak in cream sauce with spaetzle
  • Portion of spaetzle with sauce
  • Chickencrossies with French fries
  • Serving of French fries

What we can also offer you

  • “Zigeuner” meatloaf with French fries
  • 2 meatballs with cucumber-potato salad
  • Ham pasta
  • Deer ragout with croquettes and cranberries
  • Wild boar stew with sauerkraut and cranberries
  • Viennese juice goulash with dumpling
  • Portion of veal shank with potato salad

We wish you bon appétit!!